Episode 12 - استارتاپ هوش مصنوعی | پارسا غفاری

Tabaghe 16

Society & Culture

Season : Tabaghe16طبقه

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  • با پارسا در رابطه با هوش مصنوعی، جذب سرمایه و زندگی در آینده صحبت کردیمParsa Ghaffari is the CEO and founder of AYLIEN, An artificial Intelligence company, Selling nothing more fitting than AI itself! He is an avid programmer since he was just 11 years old with his attributes of discipline, resilience, and self-awareness it is no wonder Parsa has been firmly on the pathway to success. Without a glimmer of doubt, Parsa is smoothly tackling a problem that has dumbfounded computer scientists since the 1950’s.Instagramhttps://  Listen Spotify else  #پادکست #طبقه۱۶ Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
  • Release date: 2023-01-24
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