Echo Music and Podcast is an independent platform for streaming music and podcasts, which was established in Stockholm, Sweden in 2022 after a long time of thinking and planning With the help of Iranian and foreign specialists.

Echo Music and Podcast is going to provide you with everything you need from a streaming service with the most advanced features and facilities, whether you are a listener or an artist!

Our global service has been able to create a professional and unique atmosphere for the growth and development of the music and podcast ecosystem with leading research and employing experienced and capable experts.

Currently, due to the sanctions that Iran is facing, operating at the global level and using world-renowned services has created challenges and complications for Iranian users and artists, which has given us another reason to create a platform according to Iran's conditions. and provide capabilities and facilities in sync with the world's big companies without any restrictions or worries for the activities of Iranians.

The purpose of the Echo Music and Podcast platform is to work with independent artists who want their art to be seen in the world, compete and earn money.

If you have an idea to make the Echo platform even better, Contact us through the email below.